Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Cow Tipping: Fake or Really Fake? | Modern Farmer

While in the history of the world there have surely been a few unlucky cows shoved to their side by boozed-up morons, we feel confident in saying this happens at a rate roughly equivalent to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.


Little wonder, then, that the United States is awash in robocalls. According to YouMail, a maker of robocall-blocking software, Americans received a record-breaking 47.8 billion robocalls in 2018. That works out to nearly 200 per year for every adult. Unwanted calls are the most common consumer complaint lodged with the Federal Communications Commission, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

How to Deal with a Jerk Without Being a Jerk | Adam Grant

Research on the psychology of certified jerks reveals that they have a habit of rationalizing aggression. They’ve convinced themselves that they have to act that way to get the results they want.

The Problem for Small-Town Banks | Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

Some of these small banks saw a unique opportunity when Bank of America decided to pull out of towns across the U.S. and they snapped up many of the 350 branches it sold between 2012 and 2015. Instead, the typical bank lost one-third of the deposits within a year of the announcement of the acquisition, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. Nearly 100 of the purchased branches have since been closed or resold.

The changing nature of market liquidity – understanding banks’ corporate bond inventory | Richard Woolnough

Commentators constantly point to the collapse in investment bank balance sheets as a Cassandra with regard to corporate bond spreads. These concerns are understandable, but analysis of the numbers show that the bloated balance sheets of the past were not a good guide to probable liquidity, and one could argue these positions actually increased the volatility and the pain of the financial crisis.

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