Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Is an Obsession with Outcomes the Most Damaging Investor Bias? | Behavioral Investment Blog

Financial markets are the perfect breeding ground for outcome bias – results are obvious and easy to obtain, whilst judging process and decision quality is incredibly difficult, which means we rely heavily on the former.  We also grossly understate the sheer level of unpredictability, largely due to the wonders of hindsight bias and our susceptibility to a compelling narrative.

5 Simple Tips To Learn Much More From The Books You Read | Jari Roomer

The truth is, most people read in a very ineffective way, without even realizing it. They forget most of what they read and only retain a small part of the valuable lessons that their books contain. Most people focus more on the number of books instead of how much knowledge they actually retain and implement per book they read. And that’s a shame, as they could get so much more out of a book by applying just a few simple tips.

A Career Secret Weapon: Thank-you notes

To some it may seem laughably archaic to hand-write a note, drop it in snail mail and hope the recipient gets it a few days later. One study by staffing firm Accountemps found that only 24 percent of job applicants bother to send thank-you notes these days.

But here is the rub: 80 percent of human resources managers surveyed felt those messages were useful in evaluating potential hires.

Why Does It Feel Like Everyone Has More Money Than You? | Jen Doll

Three out of four parents help their kids pay debts & living expenses, including rent, utilities, & cell phone bills.

Reining In Windbags | Jeff Gau

Windbags are those people who dominate the air time, get off topic, and split hairs over details that don’t involve those in the room or initiate unnecessary conflict.

Good leaders know how to rein in windbags. I have watched effective meeting facilitators do it artfully—in a way that respects everyone in the room.

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