Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Kindness Is a Skill | David Brooks

When hosting a meeting, invite six people to your gathering if you want intimate conversation. Invite 12 if you want diversity of viewpoints. Invite 120 if you want to create a larger organism that can move as one.

The Problem with Buying the Dip | Of Dollars and Data

Even god couldn’t beat dollar-cost averaging.

How One Behavioral Scientist Optimizes His Monthly Cash Flow | Daniel Egan

Every family manages their cash flow differently. The right method doesn’t exist—it’s what works for you (and your spouse + family). This method from Dan Egan might be the most extreme I’ve seen. Nonetheless, it’s worth checking out.

Inside the Strange Yet Profitable World of Retail Arbitrage | Ian Lecklitner

Turns out, clearing out a Target or Walmart, then reselling it all on Amazon, can make you enough money to pay off your house.

After 25 years studying innovation, here is what I have learned | Clayton Christenson

More recently, I’ve asked what may be the most important question yet: Where does lasting prosperity come from? The answer: Market-Creating Innovations. These are innovations that transform complicated and expensive products into products that are simple and affordable so that many more people in society can access them. In some cases these innovations are disruptive, but in every case the new markets that are created serve as a strong foundation for sustained economic growth.

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