Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Books are good for your brain. These techniques will help you read more | Dan Seitz

You’ve got a busy schedule—sometimes you just can’t find the time to read. That’s why you need to start small. When setting a new goal, you should aim for a concrete task that you can build on later. So start your habit by reading, say, five pages of a book that interests you every day. Once you’re hitting five pages a day, try ten, then twenty, and keep pushing your goal horizon upward.

Investing Answers You Won’t See in the Financial Media | Dan Solin

We have entered that time of year where the financial media goes into overdrive, dispensing more misinformation than usual.  The trigger is end-of-year prognostications about next year.

They are meaningless.  Relying on them can impair your financial well-being.

If the financial media was honest, here are the answers it would give to commonly asked questions.

Your 2019 Financial Checklist: 10 Must-Do Steps | Paul Katzeff

Call this your must-do financial checklist for the new year.

Best of all, these steps in financial planning do not require you to diet or hit the gym. But they will help you get your personal finances in much better shape.

Every Building on Every Block: A Time Capsule of 1930s New York | James Barron

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, New York City sent photographers to every building in every borough in an attempt to make property tax assessments fairer and more accurate.

Sears Is Not a Failure | Derek Thompson

In early 1925, there were exactly zero Sears stores in the United States. By 1929, there were 300. Soon there were thousands. As shoppers came to rely on Sears for car parts in an increasingly mobile economy, the company created a new division to sell auto insurance alongside the car struts. Thus, the Sears mothership gave birth to Allstate. It eventually absorbed a real-estate company and a brokerage firm. At one point in the middle of the century, Sears reportedly accounted for one in every 100 dollars spent in the United States.

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