Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Workers are ghosting their employers like bad dates | Danielle Paquette

Applicants blow off interviews. New hires turn into no-shows. Workers leave one evening and never return.

How to exude confidence | Cheryl Meyer

Confident people, meanwhile, “believe in their abilities and are not afraid to ask for help or learn something new,” she added. They are also not fearful of slipping up, “as they know that this is the right way to success and that they can learn out of failure”.

The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever | Bryan Curtis

The TV landscape of 1993 seems quaint in the age of streaming. Back then, there were three major networks. Each of them had a “package” of NFL games. CBS had the NFC. NBC had the AFC. And ABC had Monday Night Football.

Everyone Loathes Robocalls. Some People Try to Get Even | James Hagerty

Most people get annoyed by calls from telemarketers or scam artists. Some try to get even. One tactic is to play dumb. Another is to ask callers to spell their names and drag out the process, trapping them in a futile conversation for as long as possible.

Would You Eat Food Made With “Trash”? | Emily Matchar

A growing number of companies are making food and drink products out of ingredients traditionally considered waste. And, according to new research, consumers increasingly accept—and even prefer—such products.

Consumers are actually willing to pay more for food made from surplus products,” says Jonathan Deutsch, a professor of culinary arts at Drexel University, who led the study.

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