Worth Reading

Worth Reading

How to Stop Saying“Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know” | Noah Zandan

Using research that incorporates behavioral science, AI, and data, the people science firm I run, Quantified Communications, determined that the optimum frequency is about one filler per minute, but the average speaker uses five fillers per minute — or, one every twelve seconds.

How to OvercomeYour Terror of Making an Off-the-Cuff Speech | Sue Shellenbarger

Practice speaking off the cuff, Mr. Decker says. Speak up in meetings,volunteer to give toasts or step up to the mic to ask a question at aconference. Use the skills in conversations around the dinner table. “Treatevery opportunity as a practice round,” he says. Like professional athletes,the best are ready to go at any time.

Here’s What the BigTech Companies Know About You | Visual Capitalist

Infographic from SecurityBaron, and it compares and contrasts the data that big techcompanies admit to collecting in their privacy policies.

We Went to a SteakDinner Annuity Pitch. The Salesman Wasn’t Pleased. | Ron Lieber

While the steak dinner pitch might not be a con game, it is a bit of apsychological dance. You attend, you eat free food and by the time thecheesecake arrives, you may feel you owe a salesperson a one-on-one meeting.

Then you’re on the hook. If these meals didn’t catch lots of people,salespeople wouldn’t keep paying for them.

America ProbablyHas Enough Parking Spaces for Multiple Black Fridays | Laura Bliss

The United States has as many as two billion parking spots for about 250 million cars, a ratio that many planners and economists describe as overbuilt. “The area of parking per car in the United States is thus larger than the area of housing per human,” writes Donald Shoup, the UCLA transportation scholar and founding father of parking economics, in the introduction to his most recent tome, Parking and the City

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