Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Sears through the years: The rise and fall of a retail giant | By Kori Rumore

Here’s a look back at the company since its founding 132 years ago.

The Cow-Milking Robots Keeping Small Farms in Business | Elodie Reed

Next to each Astronaut case, a horizontal gap in the wall offered a window into the automated milking process. A cow walked into the stall-like enclosure and stuffed her face in some grain while the rear gate closed behind her. Next, the robotic arm swung beneath her belly and cleaned her udder with spinning brushes and peroxide disinfectant. Red lasers located her four teats before cups suctioned onto each one. She continued eating as the robot pumped the milk. Eventually, one by one, the teat cups dropped off and the cow received an iodine spray. The stall’s front gate then opened and the cow went on her way.

The Stick Shift Index: Where Do People Still Drive Stick Shift in America? | CarMax

We found that 3.7% of the sales of CarMax vehicles are from stick shift cars. While we know that manual transmission vehicles are less available now than they were twenty years ago, this number has dropped 86.2% from 1995 when 26.8% of sales were for manual vehicles.

Don’t Avoid the Simple Questions | Joe Wiggins

A major impediment to our ability to obtain useful information and insights in such situations is our, often overwhelming, desire to manage how we appear to others.  We are prone to ask questions (or fail to ask them) because of how it may reflect on us, rather than because of the importance of the question itself.

The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster | Motherboard

The last piece of the puzzle was Ticketmaster’s anti-bot CAPTCHA system, which requires a human to type in crossed out or fuzzy words to prove he or she isn’t a robot. Wiseguy learned that Ticketmaster’s CAPTCHA system had only loaded 30,000 unique images into its database, rather than millions. So Lowson’s team downloaded every image they could find as a .jpeg file, stayed up all night typing them out, and taught their bot how to match the images.

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