Looking Back

Looking Back

A big accomplishment for me last year was the launch of this blog. The time commitment is more than what I envisioned. Putting your thoughts onto paper is hard, but it’s also rewarding. Thankfully, I’m long on ideas but short on time. I found that I enjoy posting charts and adding commentary to describe them. This was the genesis of what started as For Your Viewing Pleasure (FYVP) posts. This post features many of those charts with data updated through 2018.

First up are charts from the July post Storm Front. The main idea was that equity markets were having a rather normal year—in volatility terms. The number of +/- one percent daily moves was falling in-line with averages. From this perspective, the year was rather typical.

The next chart continues the volatility theme and is from the October post You’ve Been Framed.  While there were 64 trading days of +/- one percent daily moves, 36 were in the first half of the year. The market then went the entire summer without much volatility. October came and things got wild. Look at how large some of the daily moves were in the final quarter of the year.

The next three charts are another view of daily volatility. Updated from October 24 For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Charts below updated from November 29 For Your Viewing Pleasure.

Finally, an updated look at 2-10 spread from October’s Inverted.

The original intent of FYVP was to use third-party charts and graphs. Over time, I found myself creating a majority of the charts (which I enjoy). Moving into 2019, I plan to continue posting interesting charts but will probably move away from the FYVP moniker—using a title that describes the content.

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